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I believe that variety is the spice of life. I’m a big fan of the sampler platter. No matter how delicious a meal is, I don’t want to eat it again tomorrow night. As much as I may love a song, if I play it too much, I will get tired of it. I believe you can have too much of a good thing. And so, I need some variety in my yoga. I like to experiment with new styles, try multiple teachers, and go to different classes depending on my mood.

Is laughter truly the greatest medicine? Of study course not. Watching your nightly dose of Conan O’Brian will not heal you of anything at all. But the cliche undoubtedly has some merit. Clinical authorities have usually praised the general advantages of laughter.

You are the custodians of Sri Ramakrishna’s treasure. If even two of you can see God in everything, in everyone, this yoga holidays Italy has been worth it. The Bhagavad Gita says that ‘one perchance may reach God’. But we don’t have the grace of the mind yet. We still desire the things of this world. If we do not make use of this camp we are the losers. Ratilal [a devotee of Swamiji’s] is dead, Ricky [another Devotee] is dead. Time is short. Do your duty for Master, with faith, love and devotion. Gurudev [Swami Nischalananda] said, “We do not know what hunger is. When you look in dirt bins and scratch for food – that is starvation.” He did this himself in India.

Unless you collect first editions, buying second-hand books is as ethically dubious as copying CDs and tapes or generously sharing your music downloads with friends. Many musicians, like professional writers, devote the best part of their lives to bringing their products to market. People who wouldn’t dream of stealing other things get downright grabby about other people’s artistic property. So set up some good writing karma for yourself and put book purchases into your budget.

Unless you are willing to answer this question honestly, you may never fulfill that dream. So don’t be shy or unduly modest. Deep down, you just want everyone on earth to recognize that you are a genius? Then admit it.

To do the asanas and pranayama well and get the full benefit of the practice, however, you need lots of guidance. Because when you practice alone, you’re confronted with your own thought resistance, which is difficult to overcome. Thinking is a habit, and we run through countless repetitive thought patterns without even being conscious of it.

If you aim to publish a book, first aim to listen. Consider it a karmic investment. Create energy for others to be interested in your words. Model how listening is done: Real curiosity. Questions. Sympathy.

Whilst at the retreat you can allow your mind and body to rest, rejuvenate and re-align. Given the fast pace of daily living, it can be hard for you to find the time and have the energy to rest and let go of stress. All of this is possible when you go on a yoga retreat.

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