‘Toki Tori’ Developer Would Love To Create A ‘Star Fox’ Game For Wii U

Okay, this is running late due to some other business, I have a slight headache going on, and honestly no clue of anything to talk about here other than my nintendog trying to tick me off. So let’s just get right to it.

The template banner bar can be customized further, by using ScreenHunter (freeware) to snag the banner and save it as a jpeg file. Then you can take it into Publisher and modify it. Use ScreenHunter again to save the image to your local drive. Go to Designer and Banner and Browser for the new banner. Remember to Save and Apply. Then Publish.

Well, that’s alright by me. Travis Touchdown was cool and all, but as long as we aren’t strung along like in Metal Gear Solid 2 or Mega Man X7 and he’s up-front about it, it’s much less of a slap to the face for fans.

Joining the “Fire Emblem: Awakening” demo are three magento eshop game releases and a 3DS Virtual Console title. You can find the complete list of new Nintendo eShop content below.

In truth, the Hammer Suit should have gone into the spot occupied by the Frog Suit, simply because they also have the Penguin Suit, which allows the Frog’s improved swimming, and so much more.

I’m really not sure how I feel about Nintendo attempting to go head-to-head on a technological level with the competition. Other than the Super NES, it doesn’t seem to go especially well for them, and even in that case, SEGA falling apart from within no doubt helped them achieve that victory. Between that and what appear to be higher prices (as we’ve witnessed with the Nintendo 3DS)… I really hope they know what they are doing.

Maybe you don’t agree with my point. If you have different opinion, please do not hesitate to contact me. You could write an email to me or add my skype. Thanks for reading the article.

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‘Toki Tori’ Developer Would Love To Create A ‘Star Fox’ Game For Wii U

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