Will Extending The School Day And Year Improve U.S. Education?

I am a lover of all things Apple. I have an iMac desktop computer, a MacBook Air, and pretty much every type of iPod Apple has ever made. My new iPad 2 is my pride and joy. Apple does make terrific products. However, just because something is cool and attractive to kids, it does not mean that schools that use iPads will have higher student scores on state tests. I am concerned when I read that several schools and school districts are jumping on the “iPad will revolutionize education” bandwagon. Schools are getting grants and using district funds to purchase iPad sets for one or more classrooms. However,there are several questions that need to be answered before spending money on this technology. Is the iPad ready for the classroom? Not quite yet.

Any area of culture that is not educated is vulnerable to that type of “pill” thinking. Lots of people are on prescription drugs. Parents are told that their kid has this and that. There are true cases of kids who are injured while others are simply in need of proper counseling. Labels are a marketing tool. It is ignorance from society. We need to educate from all options and utilize power of mind. Major industries grab hold of labels to push their products on as many people. ADHD kids can do video games for 6 years. They are unfocused but a highly concentrated system and video game is supporting their kind of attention.

I have learned so much about the real world and life through working and listening to every person that I could to retain knowledge. I have had to miss out on so much trying to be adult faster then time would let me. While most kids my age were students going to school I was working fourteen hours a day just to try and keep up with the ever changing world. I have learned so much about the hard side of life. While my classmates were taking field trips and other good times that school brings I was watching so many young unschooled children either joining gangs or taking drugs. I am here to tell all school kids stay in school and learn every thing that can be learned.

Whenever Pacquiao goes into the ring, he takes into consideration that many Filipinos are counting on him to win— praying for him. Going into the fight, I was sure that Manny won’t let us down! The strength of the Filipino people is manifested in Pacquiao’s every punch. How strong could that be? WE BEAT Ricky Hatton in that ring last Saturday! It’s all about making a difference to people around you. Do you realize that your actions affect others?

Visuals are important to keep wanderers on task. As a teacher, you probably already know how important graphic organizers are to PAJSK. For those same reasons, we should be using timers to reinforce the minutes left until moving on. Otherwise, there will always be a student who takes an extra 15 minutes on spelling tests. Or the perfectionist who can keep coloring al day “just to get it right.” In the real world, we have deadlines and our children should start getting acclimated to them as well. Let’s just ease into it instead of expecting it to be mastered overnight.

These tests cause a great deal of anxiety in children. It is abusive to force kids to sit for hours filling in the little oval bubbles in high-stakes tests. Often, children are not allowed to go to the bathroom while testing. The atmosphere of the classroom becomes oppressive, which is contrary to best teaching practices.

Well, I remember the day I received the paper from Mr. K that we had just had war declared on us by every single country, and that we were due to be attacked at 8am the following morning. Thus, as president, I was given the task, with our limited military (which did have a few good weapons, but a small fighting force) of protecting my country from a worldwide attack.

To be fair, the school must assess student learning outcomes. If a child can write a perfect paper but hands it in three weeks late, the school must assess whether or not the child can write a paper, not whether or not he or she is responsible and manages time well.

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Will Extending The School Day And Year Improve U.S. Education?

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