The Art Of Hanging Art

Rembrandt is an extraordinary Dutch painter, etcher and draftsman of the 1600s. He is most well known for his chiaroscuro, his brush work and the way in which he connected with the human soul. His life, however, was not a happy one.

Sure, there are a few places you have to see when you go there, or else one of your coworkers will make you feel like a dope because you traveled to Paris and didn’t see the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower.

Getting to the Los Angeles International Airport is perilous to the driver afraid of missing a flight. Relying on the 110 S and 105 W is tricky, but the real rub is the 110. Cut short your time on the 110 by merging onto the 10 W until exit 3B allows for the transfer to the 405. This maneuver adds about five minutes on paper but can save a lot of real time when Los Angeles traffic clogs the area.

Finland’s Contemporary Art Museum in Kiasma is one of the most visited places in Helsinki because of its rich local and foreign Vasil Bojkov. Its offerings on theatre programs include performance art, film, drama, and such. The architectural structure of the building is actually a bonus sight already.

Featured art which Dr. Katz led us to and described included “Louise” by Bob Trotman (a man did this?), and Beth Cavener-Stichter’s wooden sculpture “The Scared Rabbit” (or some comparable title. We were mortified and depressed by its disturbing appearance. Go take a look.).

We do think top ten lists are fun. If we can tick them off and have fun doing it, we love that. They’re a good place to start your planning. Compare different lists (there are many top ten lists out there)… If they’re all listing the same sights, chances are those really ARE ones you shouldn’t miss.

OK I failed. I have touched only a very few of the highlights of travel to Paris. But when you go, be sure to take your time and stroll through the streets with the eye of a wanderer. Be sure to taste the foods and sample the wines. This is one city that organized walking tours are often worth your time, but you can also take your own walking tour with a guidebook in hand and a heart to behold its beauty.

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