Online Music Promotion Is Essential For Success

So you’ve promoted your music as an artist or band, and you’ve gotten the attention that you needed. So far. The work does not stop at music promotion. You’re still obliged to retain people’s attention, keep the momentum going, and most importantly, you have to sell music online. If you’re satisfied with just having been noticed by the public, then you’re doing your entire music enterprise a disservice.

In the past, many artists relied on getting signed by a record label to get serious promotion. Record labels would usually front the expenses that come with online music promotion. Since this was the industry standard, bands were always trying to become signed and get radio play. If an artists had their music played on the radio, it was a surefire bet that they were going to sell records. But today, many things have changed for the record industry with the birth of digitally recorded music. Artists can now record their own music with little to no expense, and even promote their own music. With this, millions of artists across the world are turning to the worlds largest social network, MySpace.

Twitter – Track down the latest breaking news in your music scene and become the best source of music information for your fans. Also let your followers know about your own music once in a while.

Acknowledge your fans by hitting that Like button or thanking them for their comment/review. Be responsive to them as if you’re real friends. They love that so love your fans back.

CDBaby – The grandaddy of all indie music websites, CDBaby started with a simple business model. Bands can ship them CDs, which they sell and ship to fans, taking a few bucks off the top along the way. They provide fans with a trustworthy, simple way to buy music, and they provide bands with a way to sell music online that wouldn’t really be possible otherwise. CDBaby will even put your music on iTunes, Napster, and all of the other major music websites. They’ve got a great customer service team that really seems to care about music, and after a recent website update, their front page no longer looks like it was designed by a colorblind five year old in 1998. Get a CDBaby account if you’re serious about selling music online.

In this holiday season, don’t let the momentum of your music career come to a screeching stop. Plan now to make sure that your music is still working even when you are relaxing. Here’s the secret to creating an automated music career.

The example that I will be using may be a stretch to fit for your business, but when you see the creative ideas that we came up with in coaching this business, you will see how these concepts may be worth trying for your business. This is for a brand new business in the Los Angeles area. The business is a new Rock Band. Obviously the competition is high and average returns are generally low. So how can you use these promotional principles to achieve a greater than average level of success?

Take advantage of the power that you can now control and get your music heard. Once you realize the strength of adding plays and views make sure to use it to you artist and bands advantage. It worth noting that any good music marketing and promotion campaign must be consistent in order to be effective.

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