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This is the first of a two-part series that discusses the effect of foods on our teeth. Part One will review those foods considered harmful to the teeth, and Part Two will discuss foods that can actually help to rebuild them.

First the DR goes without Albert Pujols and now A-Rod is going to sit out the Classic also. Two really big subtractions from their lineup that could cost them a chance to win.

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Generally, more attention is given to the former than the latter. From a viewpoint of prevention, this has its value. Nevertheless, a good understanding of which foods are beneficial to dental health is, in my opinion, of no lesser importance. In actual fact, this understanding may hold the key to not only improving an individual’s dental health, but very possibly their general health as well.

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The better you imagine what’s in the text, the better you’ll understand it and remember it. Also, when you imagine the scene, the more predictable events may be. This will prepare you for what the writer is about to say.

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