Living With A Spouse Who Has Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury

A concussion is when the brain is bruised because of an impact or jolt. The brain hits the skull, and if the brain hits hard enough a concussion will occur.

Which leads us to when Aunt Leona was on her death bed; Hospice, clergy and family were all there. Aunt Leona said goodbye to me, to everyone. I was crying not yet compensation for post concussion syndrome willing to accept that Aunt Leona would be gone. I one last time desperately pled to my Aunt Leona with tears running down my face. “Aunt Leona for me will you PLEASE just try NutriiVeda?! It’s just whole food and I just know it can help you” and went on to tell her more not knowing what she heard or was listening to. I told her about all the essential amino acids, explained the research today linking that to neuro repair. I told her about whole food nutrition, slow growing vegetation, easily digestible aspect of why this could help. I again didn’t know if she listened or heard, but clearly she did.

The former Falcon stepped right in and almost led the Eagles to a comeback victory against the Packers while rushing and passing for over 100 yards. It was at this point that whispers began to fill the stands. Was Vick no longer just a small package of plays per game sideshow? Nah, let’s go back to Kevin Kolb.

Visit your doctor: you should not be confident that you are already good to go after the treatment. Some symptoms may just lie low so constant check up is needed. Brian imaging will tell you whether your brain is already reacting well to the electronic stimuli. Once the neurotransmitters are already normal, you can now go back to your old activities but this time you should practice precaution.

A former 50 plus stolen base threat, Figgins had an injury riddled year last season and will be looking to rebound in 2009. With the leadoff spot in the Angels batting order his, Figgins will have plenty of opportunities to steal bases. 50 plus stolen bases and 100 runs scored are a definite possibility for Figgins in 2009.

Dan LaCosta felt the joys of playing the Colorado Avalanche, as he and Columbus blanked them for a 3-0 victory. Don’t bother picking up LaCosta as a temporary Steve Mason replacement. Playing the Avalanche skews his value. Plus, Mason will be back soon enough, it’s just not worth it. Nothing to report otherwise.

Wear a seatbelt! A person not wearing their seatbelt is 8.4 times more likely to sustain a traumatic brain injury with loss of consciousness in a car wreck. 2. Don’t mix alcohol and driving. 50% of motor vehicle crash fatalities involve alcohol. 3. Wear a helmet when you’re bicycling. A properly fitted helmet reduces the risk by 85% from having a head injury if you happen to fall off of your bike.

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Living With A Spouse Who Has Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury

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